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“coolest park in Tomball…”

ok, still trying something new with my shooting…  My shutter speed is high enough to “stop the motion” on a lot of these shoots (keeping the moving shots from being blurry) but I am sure missing those softer, more vibrant colors.  I doubt the “pro” that shots like that would care that I learned that from because he is a man and I know could care less about that and doesn’t want too have “cool creamy, vibrant colors…!”

_MAL2957 _MAL2972 _MAL2989 _MAL3004 _MAL3009 _MAL3017 _MAL3024 _MAL3027 _MAL3032 _MAL3037 _MAL3039 _MAL3042 _MAL3045 _MAL3046 _MAL3051 _MAL3057