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“back seat storage…”

I drive a little orange mini cooper, and someone’s still has to sit in the back seat…  Their little legs are just long enough to still stick straight out and hit directly all over the back of the seat…  So not only trying to save the back of my seat, but give us a little storage, I went to my favorite store and bought this. Took it home and cut directly above the third row from the bottom, horizontally all the way across…  That still gave me room to turn up the fabric at the bottom twice and hem it…  I then took enough “orange raffia ribbon,” (it is this boy’s favorite color,) doubled it for some extra strength,  and allowed enough at the top and bottom to tie around the front seat…  I looped the top ribbon through the grommet holes and sewed the ribbon to the bottom edges and tied them both around the front seat… This is what I ended up with!