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“our little home away from home…”

A couple of years ago when Pops was doing a lot of work in Galveston, we were able to buy a small condo a couple of blocks away from the beach.  It is sort of an “enigma” in the middle of town.  They were built in the 1980’s but many of the owners call their condos home and since we are not allowed to do short term rentals so we don’t get the traffic of the tourism.   Just recently they have “gated” us so that secludes us even more…   I wish I had taken before pictures…  Oh my…  Anyway we are getting there…  It has required a pretty much total “gutting” and still has a way to go, but we love having a small “getaway” and being so close to the water!!!  Our secret about going to the beach is going early when there is no one there and leaving when the crowd starts.