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“quiet on the blog…”

After 30 plus years of being a SAHM, I have become very domesticated, well except for cooking that is…  Years ago, when I was young, my Mother went to the city “community college” and took several sewing classes and brought the knowledge home to me…  She turned out to be an expert seamstress!  Anyway, the older children bought me a small Janome machine to take back and forth to Galveston, along with the camera’s, of course, so I had to try it out!  I had seen this pattern and post on and was also able to order the same fabric from…  Sorry fatquartershop...   This is the simplest, easiest McCalls pattern ever and I was able to order all of this online, without even leaving the computer!  Just the way I like it!!!  Here are the results!!!

Cute model too, don’t you think???